Property transfers

The purchase of a house is always an important passage in our lives; similarly, the sale of real estate marks very significant moments, since it is often related to crucial choices: from investments to the transformation of capital, from financial needs to generational changes.  In any case, neither the purchase nor the sale of a real estate property should be taken lightly.

In fact, they are complex and insidious operations, which should not be performed without the advice of an expert. It is thus important to resort to a Notary in order to be informed of the legal effects of every deed carried out in the context of such operations, including those which – at the beginning of the negotiation – may seem more innocuous but are actually not.

In particular, it is important to be aware of:

  • The legal effects of the subscription of a purchase/sale proposal, which is not revocable in the majority of cases;
  • The rights and obligations of the parties to a real estate transaction;
  • The documents and formalities necessary for the stipulation;
  • The concrete situation of the immovable asset, also from a cadastral perspective, and the existence, or lack thereof, of detrimental burdens;
  • The fiscal convenience of the operation and the available fiscal facilitations;

Finally, it is vital to be aware of the function and legal effects of the preliminary agreement, even if it is stipulated privately (i.e. not before a Notary).

Here are some operations you may perform with our assistance and before our Officers:

  • Sale/Purchase;
  • Preliminary Agreement;
  • Exchanges;
  • Divisions of inherited and not inherited communions;

The Studio is available for any consultancy on this matter.