Businesses and Companies

You may perform the following operations, among others, at the Studio:

  • Transfer of businesses (and branches of businesses);
  • Rent of businesses (and branches of businesses);
  • Declaration of the existence of family businesses (art. 230-bis, c.c.), for fiscal purposes;
  • Deeds of incorporation of unlimited and limited liability companies, cooperatives, consortia, professional associations and companies;
  • Modifications to such deeds, and general meeting minutes, in particular:
    • Admission to the company of the heir of a dead partner/shareholder;
    • Increase and decrease of the share capital;
    • Headquarters transfer and other changes;
  • Transfer of shares, and other interests in companies;
  • Trust;
  • “Family Agreement” for the generational transfer of businesses/shares;
  • Transformations, Mergers and Demergers.

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